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Earls of Grey Sampler

Earls of Grey Sampler

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Earl Grey fans are nothing if not passionate about their bergamot. We’ve got you covered in this box set of citrusy goodness! This sampler is a self-contained box set housing 3-5 cup samples of eight teas. Collect them all or buy as a gift for the Earl Grey lover in your life!

Contains approximately 1/4 oz each of the following:

Chocolate Earl Grey (black tea, dark chocolate (vegan), orange peel, natural chocolate flavoring, bergamot oil)

Double Cream Earl Grey (black tea, blue cornflower, marigold, vegan cream flavoring, bergamot oil)

Earl Grey (black tea, bergamot oil)

Lavender Earl Grey (black tea, lavender, bergamot oil)

Mistress Grey (black tea, bergamot oil, orange peel, lemon peel, marigold)

Red Earl Grey (rooibos, bergamot oil)

White Silk Earl (white tea, bergamot oil, vegan cream flavor)

Oolong Earl Grey (taiwanese oolong, bergamot oil, jasmine flower)

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