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Earls of Grey Sampler

Earls of Grey Sampler

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Earl Grey fans are nothing if not passionate about their bergamot. We’ve got you covered in this box set of citrusy goodness! This sampler is a self-contained box set housing 3-5 cup samples of eight teas. Collect them all or buy as a gift for the Earl Grey lover in your life!

Contains approximately 1/4 oz each of the following:

Tailspin (red & black tea with coconut & bergamot oil)

Double Cream Earl Grey (black tea, blue cornflower, marigold, vegan cream flavoring, bergamot oil)

Clear the Fog (black tea with chicory, marigold, & vegan cream flavoring)

Lavender Earl Grey (black tea, lavender, bergamot oil)

Mercury (green & white tea with apple, rose, bergamot oil & gold edible glitter)

Under the Sea (green & red tea with marigold, lemongrass & bergamot oil)

White Silk Earl (white tea, bergamot oil, vegan cream flavor)

Oolong Earl Grey (taiwanese oolong, bergamot oil, jasmine flower)

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