Our Wall of Fame!

  • A woman in white holds a teacup behind the counter of a moodily-lit tea shop.

    KUOW News

    "At Friday Afternoon Tea in Wallingford, customers come for a taste of Harry Potter or Battlestar Gallactica. Perhaps Super Mario Bros. is more your cup of tea. If not, try a blend for David Bowie."

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  • A teacup full of tea leaves and unicorn sprinkles sits atop a rainbow striped background.

    Cosmopolitan Magazine

    "If you’re one of the people asking yourself what else you can do to support the LGBTQ+ community during a time of lives lost and healthcare discrimination, here’s something very small: Shop LGBTQ+ owned businesses."

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  • A woman in a witch hat sips tea.

    Seattle PI

    "Following author J.K. Rowling's controversial, transphobic tweets over the weekend, a tea shop in Seattle is taking it upon themselves to donate funds to transgender nonprofits in Rowling's honor. Friday Afternoon Tea in Wallingford announced that it will be donating 100% of its proceeds of Harry Potter-inspired teas to the Nina Pop and Tony McDade Mental Health Recovery Funds meant to pay for therapy sessions for Black transgender people."

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  • A small cup contains coffee beans and tea leaves.

    I, Enheduanna

    "Tea as a tool for wellbeing is written into her DNA. While growing up on the grounds of a pagan spiritual retreat center at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in central California, she learned from her Herbalist grandmother who used tea, among other tools, for physical and emotional healing."

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  • Screenshot from a BuzzFeed video titled

    BuzzFeed News

    This video segment by BuzzFeed features our founder Friday Elliott, as she demonstrates her rare form of synesthesia and how it makes several common names taste.

    Much more of this from Friday on our TikTok page!

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  • A cup of tea leaves and orange peel on a brown background.

    Eater Seattle

    "An online shop that added a retail location in Wallingford, Friday Afternoon serves a wide variety of true tea, herbal blends with a medicinal focus, and geeky mixes based on films, games, and literature, like Mrs. Bennett’s Nerve Tonic, inspired by Pride and Prejudice, and combatting frazzled nerves with chamomile and sage."