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Friday Afternoon Tea

Chocolate Earl Grey

Chocolate Earl Grey

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This tea is one of our signature House Blends. Check out the entire delicious collection here!

A silky, creamy take on the classic favorite. Chocolate Earl Grey is medium-bodied and rich in citrusy chocolate flavor. Try with a splash of cream for a dreamy treat!

Ingredients: Black tea, dark chocolate*, orange peel, natural chocolate fudge flavoring, bergamot oil

     *Dark chocolate contains: cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, ground vanilla bean 

Approximately 75mg of caffeine per cup

Steep for 212° F or 100°C for 2-3 min

Blend by Friday

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
So beautiful and brings back magical memories

This tea is absolutely delicious, but much more than that - for some reason it reminded me of a old New England teashop on Brattle Street, Cambridge from when I was back in college. I don't know how the tea did it, but thank you for the magic that brought back those cozy memories from so long ago.


I got this as a sample. I like my tea with a splash of milk and a little Splenda and my only regret is that this was only a sample. It was so so so good. Hints of creaminess on top of the brightness of earl grey... beautiful.

A nice wind-down with milk and sugar

Received as a sample. I feel as though this is one of those blends that needs just a bit of added sweetness to help bring out all the flavors-- in this case, it felt necessary for the citrus/bergamot notes to appear. Dry and wet nose, if there wasn't a label on the sample, I wouldn't have been able to tell it was an Earl Grey-themed blend because the dark chocolate aromas dominated almost completely throughout. Brewed it long and strong. Very smooth, slightly thick mouthfeel. Once I added a dash of milk and a few sugar rocks, then I could taste the citrus notes hitting the roof of my mouth and throat. It's tasty enough, but not quite one I would go for in the future. Then again, I personally prefer flavor themes based on the ladies of Grey.