Tea & Girl Scout Cookie Pairings

It's that time again! Girl Scout Cookie season is here, and as experts in flavor pairing and curating delicious teatime experiences, we're here to guide you through the ideal complementing teas for your favorite cookies.

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Adventurefuls: These brownie-like cookie with salted caramel creme are new to the lineup this season, and we’re so excited! To get the most out of your treat, we recommend pairing Adventurefuls with our Father Zambezi’s Mission. A lovely example of a mid-oxidation African oolong, this brew offers mild astringency and bright, clean, peachy notes to balance out the cookie’s chewy density.

Samoas: A forever-popular choice, this crisp cookie base with caramel, coconut and dark chocolate is a natural pairing with a simple, floral black tea like our Colombian Black. The brightness of the tea balances out the caramel sweetness, and the flowery tones play beautifully with the chocolate and coconut flavors.

Do-si-dos: A snappable oatmeal sandwich cookie with peanut butter filling, ideal to pair with cozy toasty Maple Houjicha. We love the mingling of maple and peanut butter, toasty green tea and crisp oatmeal cookie. Basically a log cabin breakfast ready to enjoy at any time!

S’mores: What's cozier than a graham sandwich cookie with chocolate and marshmallow filling? A warm glowy belly, that's what. We adore the Chinese classic black tea Golden Snails to pair with this cookie. The aroma of roasted sweet potato meets the honeyed smoothness of a golden-tipped black tea, both of which wrap your s'mores experience in a happy feeling like a friendship bracelet.

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Lemon-ups: Tart and fresh, these crisp lemon cookies with lemon icing bottoms are just asking to be paired with a rich, orchard-fruity puer dark tea. Our pick is the Captain's Blend. Cave-aged tea lends a deep color and full body, cacao and fig bring sweet shadow to the electric sunshine cast by Lemon-ups' cheerful citrus.

Tagalongs: Pure decadence in a crisp cookie with peanut butter layer and dark chocolate dip? Yes PLEASE. Tagalongs are the ideal coffee-tea mate, as the earthy roasted coffee beans and floral black tea notes teamwork to enhance your fave peanut butter-chocolate combo. We love our Coffee Kisses with these friends, and while we take ours black, a splash of cream would take your luxury teatime experience to the next level.

Trefoils: Dress up these classic shortbread cookies with a citrus-and-charcoal oolong combo. Our pick is Black Cat, a heady blend of roasted oolong with vanilla, pomegranate & lemon peel. Pairing a traditional shortbread with a rich, roasted tea lends a cheerful "browned butter" aspect to teatime: always a lovely addition.

Thin Mints: THE quintessential crisp chocolate cookies with peppermint oil and chocolate dip deserve a tried-and-true mate. What more appropriate than Gunpowder green tea? In playful twist on the classic Moroccan Mint flavor profile, we love the combination of this earthy, mineral-rich green tea with the clean chocolate mint cookie. For a next-level experience, try dipping frozen Thin Mints into warm Gunpowder!

Toffee-Tastic: These buttery cookies with crunchy toffee bits are a joy, though they tend to run pretty firm, nearly biscotti-like in density. But what is a dense cookie but an invitation to dunk into tea? Our pick for this treat is Spice Must Flow, a rich vanilla cream spice coffee-tea dream. Brew strong and enjoy the complement of complex warmth to your cookie experience!


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