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Friday Afternoon

Maple Houjicha

Maple Houjicha

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This toasty green tea pairs perfectly with mouthwatering maple for a cozy tea for harvest time. Light-bodied and aromatic with only trace sweetness and caffeine, you'll take it hiking, biking, or just sitting and sipping.

Ingredients: Green tea, natural maple flavoring
Approximately 3mg of caffeine per cup

Steep at 180° F or 82.2°C for 3-5 min

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Customer Reviews

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R. Eric Reuss
Fantastic tea on a chilly day

I've had other maple teas, and I've had other houjicha, and I've not liked any of them nearly as much as this one. For me, the clear maple aroma is definitely a plus.

Fantastic on its own; also pairs well with baked goods and many other snacks.

Fine tea, but kind of gilding the lily

Having a houjicha season lately, so I finally tried this one. I could sniff this tea all day. The maple is so lovely with that toasted houjicha smell. In the cup, it's in the category of fine, but the maple isn't necessary. I trend toward a preference for 'don't add flavoring to tea' but Friday's shown a really deft hand with adding flavors that don't overpower the tea. Here, it does blend well and is perfectly drinkable, I just find myself thinking I'd prefer it plain. I love houjicha as a supporting character in other blends, but I guess I've learned that I like it standing alone when it's the star of the show.

A Delicious Alternative to Classic Hojicha Tea

As a lover of Japanese Hojicha tea, this was an INCREDIBLE choice if you're looking for something a little different. The Maple brings a lovely layer of flavor to something that's usually very earthy. I am so glad I bought 2 bags of this because this is now my go-to evening tea. After a meal is the best time to enjoy a delicious cup. It's like a dessert in itself without all the added sugar! Highly recommend!

Maple to the FACE

The tea brewed up into an absolutely gorgeous amber color that I could stare at for hours, and is an excellent textural experience in the mouth. However, if you're sensitive to smells, maybe skip this one.

Cozy and gentle taste

The best way I can describe this flavor is cozy. It makes me feel like I'm wearing a knitted sweater on a drizzly afternoon. The maple flavoring is simple, but it adds a deep complexity to the flavor of the tea that makes my palate soar. The toasty earthiness of the houjicha pairs soooo well with the sweet maple flavor. It's my first order and the first tea I decided to try from it, and I'm already in love. Very excited to try the rest!!