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Xiao Qing Gan (Tea Orange)

Xiao Qing Gan (Tea Orange)

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This pocket-sized all-day tea packs hours of flavor into a tiny green mandarin orange peel with a tiny peel hat! The richness of earthy cooked puer tea meets the bright citrus aroma of tangerine peel. Clean and funky all at once with a complex flavor profile that evolves over a million brews!

A session with this tea can be between ten to thirty infusions, depending on your brewing method. We like this one brewed in a large pitcher and decanted into a little teapot, or run through a series of brews with a gaiwan setup. Three cheers to the wonderful Changsha Wufeng Farm in Yunnan, China for this gorgeous little ball of joy!

Ingredients: Green mandarin orange-aged Chinese puer tea

Approximately 65mg of caffeine per cup

Steep at 205° F or 96.1°C for 1-3 min, adding one minute to your brew time for each new infusion.

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