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Friday Afternoon



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This dark, dank, lush blend of earthy-sweet decadence is a walk on the underside in a cup. We took inspiration from ancient Greek mythology and crafted a tea to take you on a journey below. Cave-aged puer tea melds with shaved dark chocolate and black cherry flavor to form a bed of velvet darkness. Dry chicory root and bright pops of pomegranate light your way. The tea will brew first dark, and then darker still in its second and third infusion. Lightness returns to the cup after the third or fourth infusion and the lighter flavors grow to guide you from winter to spring flavors.

Ingredients: Puer tea, black tea, pomegranate, dark chocolate*, chicory root, natural black cherry flavoring

     *Dark chocolate contains: cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, ground vanilla bean 

Approximately 75mg of caffeine per cup

Steep at 212° F or 100°C for 3-5 min

About the inspiration:

Fireside Folktales is a feed dedicated to showcasing the talent of queer folx all around the world, focusing on adaptations of myths and legends. Each season is a new story, adapted, written, and performed by marginalized people

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Seb Grooms
Deep, dark, delicious

I love this tea so much. I was never much for cherries in tea until recently, and this one has enough else going on that it was a great way to ease myself in. Lightly sweet, but mostly deep and rich and just as good on a second and third steeping. Perfect for the depths of winter AND for the return of spring.

Dark, Earthy, and Sweet

This is my favorite tea. I got it because of the Greek myth theme, but upon first sip I was hooked. It smells like a rich cherry cheesecake and tastes dark, earthy, and rich. I drink this while writing my own Greek myth inspired story, and the little boost of caffeine helps along the way <3

Britney Campbell
Queen Anne’s Chocolate who??

If you also have participated in the Christmas tradition of eating Queen Anne’s chocolates with the cherry in the middle, you’ll know exactly what this will smell and taste like. The second I opened this bag, I was immediately flooded with memories of eating these with my dad, the only other person in my family who liked them. Thank you so much for giving me something that reminds me of him!
The only reason it got 4 stars is sometimes the cherry flavoring is added a bit to strongly, but that’s just depending on your batch. I love love love this tea!

Different tastes

This tastes different with each infusion. So far, I've only gone for two, but will definitely try more infusions.