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Friday Afternoon



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This blend is available 9/1-3/3 in our Fall & Winter fandom rotations!

Hrum, now, must not be hasty when appreciating a fine tea, and this blend is no exception. Steep slowly and savor the languid development of leaf and stem, bark and lichen. Light rainy flavor melds with resin and sweet undergrowth for a balanced palate of bright and dark. A clean, biodiverse, mineral-rich forest takes centuries to form a personality, you know.

Ingredients: Juniper berry, roasted green tea, western red cedar tips, wild cherry bark, Old Man's Beard lichen, ginkgo, raspberry leaf

Steep at 195° F or 90.6°C for 3-5 min

Approximately 5mg of caffeine per cup

Blend by Greg

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Customer Reviews

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A temperate rainforest in a cup

The Ent sang to his Entwife:

"When Summer lies upon the world, and in a noon of gold
Beneath the roof of sleeping leaves the dreams of trees unfold,
When woodland halls are green and cool, and wind is in the West,
Come back to me! Come back to me, and say my land is best!"

Tree-Herder tastes like this verse, distilled. Lichen and cedar are such unique ingredients, and the slight sweetness of the juniper berries just makes me think of a lazy day spent relaxing and picking fruit in a mossy, shady forest in the Shire—or my beloved Pacific Northwest. Plus, it's essentially decaf, so I stay grounded in the calmness of the woods and can drink it any time of day, no jitters involved.

The Entwife, in reply to her Ent, summarizes the feelings I have when I see Tree-Herder has gone out of stock:

"I'll look for thee, and wait for thee, until we meet again."