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Friday Afternoon Tea

The Psychic

The Psychic

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This blend is available 6/1-9/3 in our Summer fandom rotation!

This bright, minty tea is great for when all those pesky voices crowd your head and all you want to do is lie down. Refreshing hot or iced and gently caffeinated for a perfect afternoon treat. Sip this tea to ease the headaches that come with hearing other people's thoughts.*

     *This statement not approved by the FDA

Ingredients: Green tea, white tea, peppermint, spearmint

Approximately 55mg of caffeine per cup

Steep at 175° F or 79.4°C for 2-4 min

Blend by Friday

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Customer Reviews

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I don't even LIKE mint.

So when my daughter asked, two weeks before Yule, who my favorite Firefly character was I thought i would be getting a fridge magnet. instead it was an assortment of teas from this amazing company.
One of the favorite characters (does anyone have only one??) I chose was River and when I went to brew this one I noticed it has two types of mint. I hate mint. Long story - I just don't like mint.
I opened the bag and gave it a wary sniff, figuring that if I really hated it I could trade a flavor with one of my daughters.
It's minty of course. But it is a fresh, naturally sweet, 'real' mint. With few exceptions, I drink tea without milk and sugar and this didn't need either. This blend is refreshing and clean with a very pleasant mint flavor.
Apparently I just dislike 'plastic' mint. :-)