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Friday Afternoon

The Longest Night

The Longest Night

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This blend is part of our Winter Seasonals collection. Check out the entire delicious collection here!

Debuting on Day 20 of our first ever tea advent calendar, this spiced homage to cranberry sauce is a tea witch's solstice bestie! Rich earthy cacao-infused black tea forms a lush base for honey-coated tart fruits and warming spice. Magic!

Ingredients: Black tea, cacao husk and nib, cranberry, black currant, orange peel, honey granules, clove, cacao husk and nib, natural vanilla and black currant flavoring 

Steep at 195° F or 90.5°C for 3-5 min if drinking, or simmer 2 Tbsp in 1 quart of moon water for a magical nighttime witchcraft simmer pot!

Approximately 45mg of caffeine per cup

Blend by Friday

This blend is available 12/1-3/3 in our Winter seasonal rotation!

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