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Friday Afternoon

Tearassic Sampler

Tearassic Sampler

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For the geek who has everything...except more space in their jam-packed tea cupboard. This sampler is a self-contained box set housing 3-5 cup samples of all seven teas in our Tearassic Collection! Collect them all without overwhelming your kitchen!

Contains approximately 1/4 oz each of the following:

  • ArcTEAopteryx (blue-hued white tea with flowers and pomegranate oil)
  • VeloTEAraptor (ginger hibiscus yerba mate)
  • CHAIceratops (green tea with black pepper, cardamom and ginger)
  • TEArodactyl (lemongrass, ginger, olive leaf, osmanthus herbal blend)
  • STEAgosaurus (cave-aged dark tea with chicory and szechuan pepper)
  • BronTEAsaurus (matcha-dusted green tea with dandelion and ginkgo)
  • TEA Rex (charcoal roasted oolong, green tea and black pepper)
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