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Friday Afternoon



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Where fae, dragons, witches and the daily grind meet you will find Kalila Stormfire. We're all just trying to find our way through this zany world and figure out who we are. Allow us to give your energy a top-up as you explore what it means to be powerful in your own way! Robust black tea meets zippy Yerba Mate for a mineral-rich floral cuppa with a peppery underbelly. This tea is so caffeinated and flavorful, you'll be ready to take on anything!

About the inspiration:

Kalila Stormfire's Economical Magic Services is an ongoing urban fantasy podcast written by Lisette Alvarez and produced by Stormfire Productions. It was made for people who enjoy tales of meddling love goddesses, witches talking to their familiars, and the limits of magick. This story is about how we deal with failure--individually and collectively--and how sometimes our shadows don't quite take the shape we expect.

You can follow this rad podcast on Twitter @KalilaStormfire and find more information on the Kalila Stormfire website!

Ingredients: Black tea, yerba mate, ginkgo biloba, blue cornflower, black peppercorn

Approximately 70mg of caffeine per cup

Steep at 190° F or 87.8°C for 2-4 min

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