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Friday Afternoon

Star's Light

Star's Light

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This is one of our Indie TeaTRPG Collab blends. Check out all of our CommuniTea Collabs here!

What better companion on deep dark evening than Star's Light? A smooth, glowing gift for your tongue, a spark of inspiration in the form of flowers and berries and cream. This cup of black tea can be enjoyed with caffeine to guide you through a night's adventure, or decaffeinated for a wind-down friend. Try with a dash of cream to turn this garden cuppa into a dreamy dessert tea!

Ingredients: Black tea, blueberry, jasmine flower, elderflower, natural vegan cream flavoring

Approximately 65mg of caffeine per cup for black tea base

Approximately 5mg of caffeine per cup for decaf tea base

Steep at 208° F or 97.8°C for 2-4 min

Snowbright Studio is an LGBTQ+ game studio dedicated to creating unique and heartwarming experiences for people of all ages and backgrounds. Every game that we create has a family-friendly love of learning and exploration at its heart. Check out our upcoming tabletop roleplaying game, Teatime Adventures, which pairs perfectly with a hot pot of tea and toasty goods from the oven.   

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
So Tasty!

Love Star's Light! It's so smooth and calming. Best breakfast tea ever!

Kasey Crouse

This tea is lovely and my 4 year old says it is "Delicious!"

Wonderful for those who like fruity black teas for their caffeine fix

This tea is wonderful and has a dreamy finish. When fixing my second cup I noticed a snail shell in the bag. I contacted customer service and they reassured me that it is a result from the tea being an unprocessed agricultural product. The boiling water should prove adequate to killing any microbes that might exist. I did my research and it appear to be legit. The tea is still really good and I would recommend it anyone who likes coffee but dislikes tea. This is the brew to change their minds.

It's alright as a decaf

Got the decaf version. Dry blend smells great, the overall liquor is fine but the tea body is a little thin/weak and the other ingredients in it sadly aren't helping that much to contribute to the body/overall flavor (in comparison to other decafs i.e., Friday's Evening or Strawberries And Cream where the other ingredients easily come out to compensate). Then again, this is typical of decaf tea in general, since the processing of removing the caffeine sadly also tends to remove other aromatic compounds that give that "tea" taste. I'm sure it would be great if I had ordered the regular black base though!