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Friday Afternoon

Star's Light

Star's Light

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This blend is available 3/1-6/3 in our Spring fandom rotation!
What better companion on deep dark evening than Star's Light? A smooth, glowing gift for your tongue, a spark of inspiration in the form of flowers and berries and cream. This cup of black tea can be enjoyed with caffeine to guide you through a night's adventure, or decaffeinated for a wind-down friend. Try with a dash of cream to turn this garden cuppa into a dreamy dessert tea!

Ingredients: Black tea, blueberries, jasmine flower, elder flower, natural cream flavoring

Steep at 208° F or 97.8°C for 2-4 min

Black Tea Base: approximately 65mg of caffeine per cup
Decaf Black Tea Base: approximately 5mg of caffeine per cup

Snowbright Studio is an LGBTQ+ game studio dedicated to creating unique and heartwarming experiences for people of all ages and backgrounds. Every game that we create has a family-friendly love of learning and exploration at its heart. Check out our upcoming tabletop roleplaying game, Teatime Adventures, which pairs perfectly with a hot pot of tea and toasty goods from the oven.
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