Pumpkin Chai

$ 7.00

A fall fave meets the iconic Indian comfort beverage! Our delectable house Masala Chai gets a seasonal makeover with the addition of real pumpkin pieces and extract. Spicy and complex, with just a hint of sweet. To enjoy this tea the way the chaiwallas do, simmer in a pan of milk on the stove (stir frequently to prevent scorching) for five minutes, then strain and add sugar to taste.

Ingredients: Black tea, ginger, cinnamon, dried pumpkin, green cardamom, cinnamon flavoring, ginger flavoring, vanilla flavoring, pumpkin flavoring

Approximately 55mg of caffeine per cup for black tea base

Approximately 3mg of caffeine per cup for decaf black tea base

Steep at 212° F at 2-4 min

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