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Friday Afternoon



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The dreaminess of our psychic space fish friends is unparalleled. Pisces are brilliant strawberry lemonade magicians with sparkly minds and souls. This fresh white tea frames electric lemon and perky berry goodness, while a smooth corn silk kiss touches the edges of the mouth in a silver glitter-coated smile. Sound like poetry in a cup? Love and early spring like you've never tasted it? That's how Pisces sees the universe.

Ingredients: White tea, strawberry, lemon peel, lemongrass, corn silk, natural lemon flavoring, silver lustre dust*

     *Silver lustre dust contains:  mica, titanium dioxide (E171), Yellow 6 lake (E110), Blue 2 lake (E132)

Steep at 175° F or 79.4°C for 3-5 min

Approximately 35mg of caffeine per cup

Blend by Friday

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Customer Reviews

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Cyrene Sheley
Unique spring tea blend

This uplifting and surprisingly warming tea has such a gentle lemon kick to it and amazing strawberry chunks. It’s like drinking a homemade strawberry lemonade but in tea form.

Just enough lemony goodness

I really enjoyed tasting the layers in this tea. Most of the time when I’ve had a tea with lemon or lemongrass with an additional fruit, it was super lemony and you can maybe smell but not taste the other fruit- not so with this one- you can actually taste the strawberries!! The lemony flavor is nice and not too much muchness, and (for me) it felt like tasting the ingredients in tiny waves until they all kind of blended together just before you swallow, like “oh there’s lemon, white tea, there’s the strawberries, now the lemongrass, but mellower… and yeah, it was really kind of a neat experience, plus the sparkly glitter is so fun and relaxing to watch in the tea press. This Pisces is delighted!

Subtle and brightening

An excellent tea for a gray day when you want something with zing but more subtle than black tea with lemon. I haven't tried it iced, but it seems like it would be good for that as well; like an Arnold Palmer but less sweet. The tea itself is a light brew, so the glitter is extremely subtle.

Refreshing and Delicious

My Pisces self absolutely ADORES this tea. It is light and refreshing!

Sunshine in a cup

This tea is light, fruity, and lovely. Very lemon forward and tastes wonderful with just a little bit of honey. It is joy in a cup.😊