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Friday Afternoon Tea

Pear White Peony

Pear White Peony

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A light, crisp, juicy bite of spring. This blend brings the sun back with a cheerful bounce in its step and a dance of orchard joy across the tongue. Chunks of real freeze-dried pear nest in large, fragrant white tea leaves. This one is a real beautea!

Ingredients: White tea, pear, rose hip, natural apple flavoring

Approximately 35mg of caffeine per cup

Steep at 185° F or 85°C for 3-5 minutes

Blend by Friday

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Julia Welch
Pretty Much The Best Thing Ever

I first discovered this blend as a seasonal special in 2022. The following year it was tragically unavailable (something about a pear shortage). I was so excited to learn it's back in 2024 as a regular option!

The flavor is delicate without being too light. It's well balanced with the floral notes hitting first, followed by the fruit and white tea. I get pear and also apple. It makes the absolute best iced tea during summer and doesn't get too bitter, as opposed to some other teas which have higher tannins. It makes a bright and aromatic cuppa in the late morning or early afternoon.

I highly recommend you stash up on this one. Just in case of the apocalypse or another pear shortage.

Livvia Shanklin
Light and fruity

Has a lot of flavor for something so light. Very happy with this tea! I noticed the pear-pieces and the tea gets a little jumbled in the bag, so it's a little harder to get the right consistency. But that's easy to make right, especially knowing how good it all is!