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Friday Afternoon

Passion for the Fantastic

Passion for the Fantastic

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Everyone should have a goblin friend. Someone full of vim & vigor. Someone who shows their love with precious shiny rocks and sharp teeth. Our communitea goblin friend is a LARPer, geek, & ginger shenanigator named Katie!

We collaborated on this zingy, sweet brew with TTRPG streaming sweetheart Goblin Katie, and it was love at first sip! Katie's communitea spirit and big glowy smile come through in golden-tipped flowery tea and quenching aloe vera. Her zany nonsense playfulness is a spicy ginger treat nestled in a fragrant bed of sweet violets. The whole shebang is finished with a heavy handed dose of pink glitter, because no one brings the party up like a goblin friend!

You can find, follow & support Katie all over cyberspace! Be sure especially to check Katie and friends on the D4 stream, a 5th Edition Canon Lore game, every Sunday at 7pm EST on Twitch!

Ingredients: Indian & Nepali black tea, aloe vera, spicy ginger, sweet violets, pink lustre dust

Approximately 65mg of caffeine per cup

Steep at 195° F or 90.5°C for 3-5 min

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