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Friday Afternoon Tea

Inflammation Rescue

Inflammation Rescue

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This anti-inflammatory aide is designed to ease your aching joints and soothe your swollen skin. Not only is this a helpful gem to have in your tea cupboard, it's also a tasty strawberry and spice treat!

     *As with all supplements, this is not meant to replace medical treatment or treat any particular disease. Please discuss your options with your doctor.

Ingredients: Fennel, black peppercorn, strawberry, orange peel, feverfew, honey granules, hibiscus, lemongrass

0mg of caffeine per cup

To infuse, use one teaspoon per cup of water at 185°F or 85°C and allow to steep for at least two minutes. Stronger infusions (5-7 minutes) will yield more benefit.

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Customer Reviews

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Nice after a long day

I spend my days sewing and it recks my back! I've been drinking this tea at night before I go to bed to help my body calm down. It is wonderful!!

V. Logan
Incredible Tea

I have chronic pain due to an accident I was in years ago. Due to personal reasons, I like to minimize the amount of painkillers I take to manage the pain. I have tried other tea blends that claimed to aid in inflammation relief with no success. However, since I had previously tried the Sweetest Dreams blend for sleeping purposes I was willing to give this one a shot. I cried tears of joy when it worked. It really takes the edge off the pain and allows me to go about my day more comfortably. There are no words to adequately express my gratitude for this blend. Thank you so much!!! Oh and it is delicious!