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Golden Flowers Heicha

Golden Flowers Heicha

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This tea is one of our Pure Aged selections. Check out the entire delicious collection here!

Also known as Fuzhuan Cha or Fucha, this earthy, robust aged tea is treated with a special type of mushroom spore (eurotium cristatum) and then hand-pressed into flaky layered bricks. As the tea ages, the spores grow into tiny golden mushrooms that are said to look like flowers all over the tea leaves! This prized tea possesses bold, full body and creamy sweet golden mushroom flavor, which balance each other out in a graceful and unique way.

In addition to the wonderful taste, the probiotic properties of this fungal tea are said to be excellent for gut health. The mushrooms are very heat resistant and will maintain their probiotic property even after being boiled. They will cling to the leaf even over many infusions and are healthy to drink every day!

We carry this brick tea in two sizes: 200g (7.05 oz, about 40-45 servings) and 500g (17.64 oz., about 100-120 servings)

Ingredients: Fuzhan Chinese aged tea with eurotium cristatum fungus

Approximately 70mg of caffeine per cup

Steeping recommendation: Brew at 200°F or 93.3°C for 2-4 minutes, about 2 tsp of leaf per 6 oz. of water and re-infuse several times.

Storage recommendation: Keep your aged teas in a dark, cool place. Do not allow to get wet other than brewing. Aged teas can be stored in airtight containers, but for continued aging experience it is best to let them breathe a bit. Try keeping in paper or loosely fastened bags.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
one of my favorite teas!

i agree with dan k’s review—this is so, so tasty and comforting. i’ve been getting samples of it for a while and am eagerly waiting for the 40g bricks to be back in stock. it’ll be a splurge, for me, but i would love to be able to drink this tea more regularly than i’ve gotten to so far. especially as my inclination toward green tea has given way as the seasons change to black and aged teas with a bit more body to them. yum!

hot tip i learned from a youtube video (sorry, i don’t remember which one): it’s best to get this kind of tea in smaller quantities… so rather than one 70g brick, it might be better to get two 40g bricks, and work on one at a time. happy sipping!

Dan K
ohhhhhhh my goodness, I love this tea!

If you are on the fence about trying this tea and you enjoy rich dark tea flavor and/or you enjoy creamy/sweet/umami flavor, definitely give this a try!

This was the third of four aged teas in my purchase and it is, by far, my favorite of the four. I am so glad that I have enough of the sample portion left for another round of this in my gaiwan because it is so, so good. Deep dark tea flavor that is rich and buttery smooth with a sweet umami edge. I am assuming that the sweet umami I was getting came from the mushrooms because none of the other aged teas I have tried have had that and the golden flowers mushrooms were very highly visible in the sample that I received. I really want to purchase a larger portion of this tea, but the price tag for the 500g brick that is currently the only option aside from a sample is intimidating. I understand that bricks of good tea like this are considered an investment, though, and will either be working up to a purchase of this specific tea after trying a few more of the aged teas available or seeking out sources where I can purchase portions of multiple varieties of golden flowers teas to try and then making a decision on what kind to purchase in brick form. Truly love, love, love this tea!