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Friday Afternoon

IX. For the Tomb

IX. For the Tomb

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The Ninth are near-forgotten. Scraps at the end of the line, holding something precious which few understand. Late winter leaves, battered by harsh weathering and not considered by many to deserve a place at the high table, but oh when they arrive...

This 18 year cave-aged beauty is an odd one. Dark and layered, precisely crafted with intention and intended for a different destiny than its peers. Meet Shoumei, a pure white tea made in the mountains of Fuding, China. The leaves left over when Silver Needle harvest is complete. Generally thrown away, except by the artists who care for it and raise it in darkness to become its most powerful self: a white tea which brews up deep in hue, robust and smooth and absolutely unlike anything else.

Ingredients: 100g of caked 2005 Fuding Shoumei (white tea)

Best brewed at 175° F or 79.4°C for 2-3 min, or over the course of many 30-second infusions. For a more traditional Chinese-style cup, stew over low low heat for an hour and then strain.

Approximately 25mg of caffeine per cup

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