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Friday Afternoon

II. For the Shield

II. For the Shield

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This blend is inspired by the Locked Tomb Series by Tamsyn Muir. Check out the entire delicious collection here!

Sharpen up, soldier. This bold, precise flavor bomb serves as powerful fuel to hone your focus and boost your energy. The Emperor calls, and we raise our crimson goji shield. Peppercorn and bergamot form tidy ranks atop brisk black tea. Gather your cohort and raise a cup!

Ingredients: Black tea, goji berry, black peppercorn, cacao husk and nib, bergamot oil

Steep at 205° F or 96°C for 2-4 min

Approximately 70mg of caffeine per cup

Blend by Friday

This blend is available 9/1-12/3 in our Fall fandom rotation!

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