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Friday Afternoon



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The sign of the goat-fish lends structure to a topsy-turvy world. Order out of chaos. A steady hand to steer the ship. This wintery northern star in a cup is designed to provide your body with a Solstice's lightness and gentle warming nature. Star anise and coriander hum quietly in a forest of cherry and cedar. Linden flower lends savory herbaciousness for an overall composition of exquisite balance worthy of an entry in any Capricorn's perfectly organized tea tasting journal.

Ingredients: Wild cherry bark, western red cedar tips, star anise, coriander, linden flower

Steep at 185° F or 85°C for 5-7 min

Approximately 0mg of caffeine per cup

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jenne Wonner
An early favorite…

I’m still early in my journey of tea exploration here, but this was and is an early hit! I love the spicy notes of the linden flower and star anise, which are balanced beautifully with the woodsy cedar and coriander. There’s a surprising burst of tartness (cherry bark?) that I adore, both in the scent and flavor!

Warm and a little spicy

The simplest way I would describe this would be "spicy licorice", that's the first scent that hits you on opening the bag. The liquor is mostly clear, very little color. I steeped for 7min at 180. Surprisingly, it is a bit sweet and has enough taste on its own that makes it pretty satisfying to drink!

Absolutely magical

This is my favorite tea from this company, and that is a high honor because I quite enjoy many of them. It needs brewed very strongly, as a lot of the flavors are subtle, but God it is absolutely gorgeous in scent and flavor and entirely worth the long steep. I am a little biased since I love woodsy flavors and anise, but Capricorn or otherwise, please do yourself a favor and give it a try.

Holly Croydon
A dance in a deep forest

Sipping with eyes closed, Capricorn twirls on my tongue with a collected complexity. I can't quite pin down any given flavor element for more than a moment before it dances away into the whole and another element comes to the fore.

The flavors do not remain consistently separate from one another, nor do they all lay down into a submissive melange. Assertive yet cooperative, all the elements weave together in compact motion, like a whirling group waltz in a fire-lit cedar grove. It's no wonder moss-garlanded, mist-threaded Pacific Northwest forests come to mind, as cedar tips feature prominently in the blend.

In this flavor waltz, all the dancers weave 'round each other in harmony, richly festooned in darkly saturated colors of deepest evergreen, burgundy, gold, rust, and brown. Sparkles of bright overtones glint here and there, twinkling ruby and sapphire catching the firelight.

Fanciful visions aside, this is a tea I am liking brewed hella strong, which I found out by accident after leaving a half-finished pot for most of an afternoon before drinking it up. Oh, my. A potent potion to both soothe and fortify! Multiple steepings can be enjoyed, especially when adding a tiny bit of fresh tea each time to continue the fullness I like best.

Before brewing, though, take a look at the stuff, and take a deep sniff. The mix of textures, fragrance, and color is as earthy and beautiful as an evening walk through a cathedral cedar forest.

Just be careful you don't get lost.