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Friday Afternoon

Brother, Captain, King

Brother, Captain, King

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The hands of a king and a healer are present in this tea, waiting to guide you through the twisting woods. Bright blackberry and sage mingle with mulberry sweetly in an intoxicating ranger's perfume. Steep again, and what do you find? Cedar resin and peppercorn. Steep again, and what do you find? Charcoal roasted oolong, that old friend which has walked beside you along the path, has opened and melded into a sweet magnolia blossom fragrance. The lingering flavors of all infusions evoke a day spent striding through woods at once strange and familiar.

Ingredients: Roasted oolong tea, western red cedar tips, mulberry leaf, black peppercorn, blackberries, white sage

Steep at 195° F or 90.6°C for 2-5 min

Approximately 45mg of caffeine per cup

Blend by Greg

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Customer Reviews

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This is delicious, and the only way I can describe its character is that they've managed to create positive masculinity in tea form. You will feel about 5% more butch just inhaling the steam, but in a quiet, grounded, outdoorsy sort of way.

Tim O
Really excellent blend

I did not expect this blend to be as good as it is. Just looking at the ingredient statement, it seems odd but it's really delicious

When Aragorn Makes You Tea

The title says it all. When you drink it, it feels like Aragorn took the time to make you tea at the Houses of Healing. The blend is unexpected but absolutely delicious. I'm making it a staple of my tea collection for sure.

Tanaya Shadmehr
Reminds me of Home

I grew up in Western WA, then moved to the East Coast. My first cup of this tea brought me home. It smells like the Pacific Northwest and tastes like the Pacific Northwest would taste if you could taste it.