Our Annual Holiday Gift Guide! November 13 2021

image of wrapped gifts with text overlay reading "friday afternoon tea's holiday gift guide, we've got you covered"
'Tis the season, Teahearts, and what a great season for sharing warmth, joy and love through tea! 2021's holiday season is a heckuva time for us all, with supply lines and shipping times and health and safety all to be considered simultaneously. We know a lot of you are feeling a lack of inspiration, and our crew is here to help! Check out our roundup for every Thirsty Nerd in your life.
 Photo of tea leaves in a cup with text reading "for the friend who's always sick: Lemon Ginger Echinacea"

We all...

Friday's guide to shopping small business (at the last minute) December 11 2015

So it's two weeks until Christmas. Less than two weeks until Solstice. Hannukah...sorry. Too late. You're the slacker who still has barely put any thought into gifts, but you still super want to find something unique and thoughtful for your family and assorted loved ones. Aaaaaat the very last second. Might I throw some recommendations your way?

First of all, always try to support small businesses...