How does it taste? (Love)

As you probably know, I perceive the world with my taste buds. My dominant form of synesthesia is Lexical-Gustatory. This means I literally taste words, ideas, feelings, personalities, etc. The overwhelming majority of my blends are direct translations to leaf of the flavors my brain-mouth is experiencing. Today, I wanted to share with you the way I experience one particular flavor profile: Love.
To be specific, I'm talking totally bonkers, swept-up, overwhelming, skin-tingling passion. The kind of Love you feel when you find yourself clicking over and over and over with someone. The kind of Love that makes all the garbage and difficulty of the dating world worth it. The love you feel for family, close friends and pets is a different (though still yummy) flavor.
I'm particularly fixated on this tasty, tingly sensation because I'm right in the middle of it these days. For the last two months, I've been in the midst of a crazy whirlwind romance. It's been so good, and it just gets more delicious every day. This person has brought out of me of a whole range of flavors that I hadn't remembered how to taste for a long time. I love this Love and the gift of all these accompanying taste-bursts. 
So let me share them with you.
The thrill of making eye contact with your Love mainly occurs on the sides of the tongue and is bright and gingery with peppery notes. It only lasts for a moment, but is sharp and shivery.
The butterflies in the stomach when your Love smiles and their eyes light up fills the whole mouth and lingers for a long time. It's malty and spicy and reminiscent of bourbon and chai.
The sound of your Love laughing brings a texture as well as a taste. It pops across the molars and tastes like sour candies. Or sometimes like toasted almonds. It depends on the particular laugh.
The feel of your Love's mouth on yours is a deep, dark chocolate. It's rich and silky and undeniably addiction-inspiring. You know the kind of chocolate that makes your bones twinge with pleasure? That is the taste of your Love's kisses.
A true Love inspires all these flavors and more. I've approximated the spicy, musky, dark and deep flavor of this kind of passionate Love as closely as I can in my Infatuation Blend. Black tea, coconut, chocolate and spices. Of course, spices.
 Taste the Love
This is really just a shadow of the complex collection of feelings this person inspires (and I hope you all have a Person or People who makes you feel like this). This is the frustration of the synnie reality. At least, that's been my experience. I experience everything so vividly. Everything. There is nothing I feel, see, hear or think that doesn't elicit an intense flavor/texture perception. I wish so deeply that I could accurately share that with you all. I promise I'll keep doing my best to let you in on my world via words and flavors.
All my love,
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Friday, an exquisite romantic encomposite of taste passions, remarkably brilliant sensorial texture articulation and depth..
Some thoughts to thank you for your synesthetic gifts..

“Luxurious moments with you… Time distilled apricot-jasmine martinis.”
Prince Charming ~ Black leather, Scotch, figs and burnt cream.
Dangerous Liaison ~ Rose infused sandalwood with violet leaf, tiny draught of laudanum, hint of absinthe and foxglove ointment.
Lip Balm ~ Salted sea caramel espresso dusted with dark chocolate after a long night of perilous kissing..
Scarlet Slash ~ Doppio Macchiato with a stain of cayenne.
Black Lace Sachet ~ Redolent with crushed sweet herbs and wild flowers, mixed with sensitive yearning, wrapped in crimson velvet ribbon and black lace.
Tasting bright red berries whilst touching damp leaves..
A dark green hunger in the wind..
He embraced me softly, his breath warm sweet honey and brandied pears..
Blackberry Warrior
Unnoticed, torn scratched dark stained cuts and scrapes of purple-black across his sunburned arms he broke free the captured men by leading them to safety on a hidden pathway through evening’s silver mist.. Tangled briar thorns crisscrossing rain tarnished helmet, clove bud flower, anise scented Goldenrod and oozing vetiver over blackberry honeycomb..

Yours sincerely,
Quill Knight Hunter
Polychromatic Parasensory Synesthesia

Quill Knight Hunter

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