BTB: Ranger's Blend

Today's episode of Behind the Blend features my personal favorite of our RPG character class collection: Ranger's Blend!

The inspiration for each character class blend is an archetype, rather than any specific character. Rangers are sly, observant, and physically dexterous. They have a close relationship with the forest, a kinship with the natural world.

D&D Dungeons and Dragons green tea fandom blend
Toasty green mélange of foresty delish.

Green was an obvious choice for our base, but which green to pick? With so rich and mysterious an archetypal profile, I needed to put together a base that was a blend of bright and dark, toasty and lush. Houjicha (toasted twigs and stems) has the tree bark roasted notes and light body of upper-canopy branches. Dragonwell green serves to bring both sunshine-butter and earthy toastiness to the blend, and Gunpowder green complements the butter with a clean mineral finish.

This tea didn't need anything other than tea. The Ranger is pure and complex, simple and layered, mysterious and woodsy.

Sure, this was a less complicated and in-depth blend than some we've featured on past BTB posts. Sometimes tasting thoughts is less murky an experience to explain than usual. Happy sipping!
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