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Friday Afternoon

Underdog Sampler

Underdog Sampler

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Let our team of tea geeks share our most underappreciated teas with you! This sampler houses a rotating selection of eight teas in 3-5 cup samples. Each Friday Afternoon crew member chooses one tea per season that they personally feel is tragically overlooked.

Box includes eight samples, a Teaheart Club sticker, and an info sheet with notes by each crew member on why they think their tea selection deserves more love!

Fall's Underdog Sampler contains approximately 1/4 oz each of the following:

Friday's Pick - Gleam's Glow
Narah's Pick - Caged Heart
Greg's Pick - Green Wind
Jordan's Pick - Friday's Afternoon
Marcus's Pick - Wuyi Milky Oolong
Kayla's Pick - Yerba Mate
Mori's Pick - Olympus
Anisa's Pick - Hair, Skin & Nail Support

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