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Friday Afternoon

Friday's Selections Sampler

Friday's Selections Sampler

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Let our Head Tea Witch and resident synesTEAsia artist share her faves with you! This sampler houses a rotating selection of eight teas in 3-5 cup samples. Each restock is unique and dependent on what Friday is most excited to share with you, and may include out-of-season teas!

Current stock contains approximately 1/4 oz each of the following:

Lao Cong Oolong (charcoal-roasted Wuyi pure oolong)

Yunnan Gold (gold-tipped robust Yunnan black tea)

Tunisian Olive Leaf (pure olive leaf from North Africa)

Colombian Wiry Green (steamed green tea tips from South America)

Unsmoked Lapsang Souchong (smooth, plummy steamed Wuyi black tea)

Prakash White (delicate, fruit-noted pure Nepali white tea)

Goblin King (roasty green tea blend with black pepper and ginger)

Blue Spirit (no-caf blend of ginkgo, ginger, jasmine flower and blue pea flower)

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