We're blending things up!

Banner reading "big changes are afoot!"
Dear Thirsty Nerds,
After twelve years of creativity and creation, we're planning a major shift in the way we serve you. Due to our ever-expanding selection (over 500 teas at this point!) and ongoing difficulties with supply lines, it's time to re-evaluate the way we do things and make some big changes.
In order to provide you with the consistency, quality, and fantastic customer service on which we pride ourselves, we'll be changing our approach from an "all products available year-round" model to a seasonal rotation of our fandom blends according to thematic umbrella.
While this means that your favorites aren't accessible every day, it also means we'll be able to stock up on greater bulk ingredients in advance of demand, lessen customer overwhelm, continue to release exciting new projects, and keep our inventory overhead manageable. All good things!
This change will take place on January 1st, 2023, so be sure to stock up on your fave fandom blends before the shift!
xoxo, Friday
Sample of release schedule concept:
Year Round - House Blends, Pure Teas, Medicinals, ChariTeas, Zodiac Collections
Winter - Seasonal Blends, Music, Movies and Video Games Collections
Spring - Seasonal Blends, Tabletop Gaming & Geek Culture Collections
Summer - Seasonal Blends, TV-Inspired Collections
Fall - Seasonal Blends, Literary Collections