BTB: Ooh-La-Long February 19 2020

Buckle up and prepare to get erotic, because today's blend post dissects a very adult concept: lust. While the rest of our Valentine collection moves along an emotionally chronological path (flirty crush tea to swept-up infatuation tea to sweet and long-lasting true love tea), this blend runs thematically alongside the other three.

Lust is a layered experience, so it follows that a lust-inspired...

Oolong Earl Grey Crème Brûlée February 04 2020

Let's be real here. Valentine's Day is just one big ol' excuse to luxuriate in sensual decadence. I 1000% support this, for the record. Taking a time out to play and enjoy a treat is a wonderful gift to give yourself. For some people this looks like taking a walk in the fresh air or going to the movies. For others, ballroom dancing or binging crappy TV shows in their jammies. For myself...

BTB: The Excelsior January 30 2020

The Excelsior

My parents met in their high school Star Trek club, and so naturally baby's first fandom was the one to which I literally owe my existence. I've lost count of the number of conventions I attended growing up. The Klingons I've met surely number in the hundreds at this point. This may not have made me the coolest kid growing up, but I can honestly boast the ability to paint my body...

Inside My Synesthetic Mind January 21 2020 1 Comment

Disclaimer: what follows is an unedited, unfiltered stream of consciousness typed out as I was half asleep the other night. Way less structured than any other blog post you've seen from me before, for sure! This is undistilled Synesthesia Brain. It's a whole lot of nonsense, but it's also the way I think, feel, taste, smell, see and hear all day every day. Take this as an expository art piece and...

Green Matter for your Grey Matter January 07 2020

Gosh is it EVER headache season. Whether it's the holiday energy drain hangover, a renewed commitment to reading five million books a week (hello, eye strain), back-to-school blues or sugar withdrawal, I've got you covered with hella plants to help fix what ails ya.

Of course herbal medicine has its strengths and flaws. Very few reliable studies have been done on efficacy of medicinal herbs due to...

BTB: Stardust December 31 2019

Oh hello, Starchild. Ready to get weird up on this cosmic plane? Good, because we are here today to talk about the electric vibe of David Bowie.

Stardust, our Ziggy tribute glitter tea

David Bowie at his most iconic was a force of drag-level makeup, spiky hair, space alien Homo Superior sensibilites and very very tight pants. All obviously amazing pieces of an overall magical rock god maniac. When...

Zero-Proof New Year's Eve December 30 2019

Dry January, a social movement in which tons of people worldwide take a month off drinking alcohol in the name of health, clarity, or even just to keep self-discipline sharp. Easy enough to let yourself have one big last hurrah of a New Year's Eve before taking benching your liver for a month, but for those getting a head start by choosing not to make use of spirits to get into the NYE spirit,...

Punkin Pie RooiBOOS Cupcakes! October 23 2019

Halloween is almost here, which provides a fabulous excuse for being super extra about baked goods. I have def been getting carried away with my baking and other craft projects, and to be honest this recipe was mostly created so we all have an excuse to say “rooiBOOS” while making spooky ghost gestures at one another. Hence the cute little ghosts piped in chocolate on top. You’re welcome.


Indigenous Sips: Pacific Madrone October 21 2019

Pacific Northwest local red-barked beauty Pacific Madrone, aka Arbutus Menziesii, is a sight to behold for sure. The rich hue and dramatically peeling bark, the curve of its sturdy branches and sheen of its verdant waxy leaves are all peak hiking aesthetic, but did you know this tree has long been a multipurpose source of healing tincture and tea?

Various tribes of the west coast, ranging from...

BTB: September's Blend September 17 2019

Fall is here and we are ready ready READY for autumnal flavors. I'm personally using the season as an excuse to highlight one of my favorite fandom teas, inspired by an ill-tempered and irascible young girl from Omaha, Nebraska.

September is the protagonist of Catherynne M. Valente'slush and heartbreaking Fairyland series. When the series begins (the first book is titled The Girl Who...

Oxidation vs. Fermentation September 16 2019 1 Comment

When teaching classes, speaking on panels, or even just in casual conversation, two of the most common questions I've been asked are:
  • What is oxidation? 
  • What does fermentation mean in regards to tea?
Tea terminology can be confusing to those who work outside the industry or are just getting their start. We tea workers have our own language for sure! When it comes to oxidation vs. fermentation,...

Juicy Tea-Glazed Ribs Recipe! September 09 2019 1 Comment


Calling all tea-obsessed carnivores! Fall is upon us and everyone seems eager to get back to the kitchen. If you're looking for a cozy, low-maintenance dinner option and have a soft spot for complex flavor and a lush, fatty mouthfeel, follow me to tastytown.

I wrote and tested this succulent rib recipe for you, and my friends and family can testify to its deliciousness. Enjoy, and feel free let me...

Six True Types of Tea July 25 2019 1 Comment

We get asked a LOT what the difference is between white tea and black tea, herbal tea and green tea, and so on. The world of tea is mysterious and a lot of you want to learn more, so let's start with the basics!

True tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant. Always. Any infusion made from the leaf, stem, root or whatever other part of any other plant falls into the "tisane" category, also known as...

Teafest PDX Recap July 22 2019

A fair number of you first encountered our tea company at NW Tea Festival, an awesome Seattle-based festival that launched in 2007 and has only grown bigger and better each year since. Newer to the tea festival scene is Tea Fest PDX. This Portland festival only just had its third year, but is already so put-together and well structured that I would have thought it was an event with 5-7 years under...

BTB: Ranger's Blend July 09 2019

Today's episode of Behind the Blend features my personal favorite of our RPG character class collection: Ranger's Blend!

The inspiration for each character class blend is an archetype, rather than any specific character. Rangers are sly, observant, and physically dexterous. They have a close relationship with the forest, a kinship with the natural world.

D&D Dungeons and Dragons green tea fandom blend
Toasty green mélange of foresty delish.


Farm Spotlight: Hattori Family Matcha! May 21 2019

Yoshiaki Hattori stands with his tea plants under a solar shade screen

Meet Yoshiaki Hattori, sustainable tea visionary and crafter of some of the finest matcha we've ever tasted. The Hattori facility (Tenryu Agri-Farms) resides in Shizuoka, Japan, a region probably best known for its beautiful scenery, delicious food and hugetrade in green tea. In fact, this prefecture grows 40% of the green tea...

BTB: Rohan's Research Blend May 19 2019

For today's episode of Behind the Blend, I am delighted to highlight our first ever Chari-tea: Rohan's Research Blend!

Rohan's Research Blend

Rohan is a delightful neighborhood kiddo whose mother approached me to request a custom tea to benefit the medical research organization with which she is involved. The Association for Creatine Deficienciesis "a nonprofit organization dedicated to the three...

Flavors and Colors for Spring March 20 2019

As the days lengthen and the clouds clear away, I've been finding myself holding back spontaneous laughter bubbling in my chest, itching to move, overflowing with inspiration. Are you feeling the same way? Here in the PNW, winter is dark, grey, dreary and a real slog to get through. Today may be equinox, the true first day of spring, but I've noticed for a week or two now that people's steps have...

Friday's Holiday Gift Guide! November 21 2018


'Tis the season for thoughtful gifts and quality time spent with friends and family! We at Friday Afternoon are firm believers in the uniting powers of tea. What better way to show love than with one of the world's oldest social beverages? Cozy, flavorful and dripping with personality! I have taken a bit of time as we move into the holiday season to personally curate for you a list of delicious...

Feliz Día de Muertos, amores! October 31 2018

Hola, mi gente!

En este año, mantenernos ocupado en forjar un centro de comunidad para todos. En nuestro salón de té, eres siempre bienvenido. Eres siempre querido. Eres siempre seguro aqui. En el espíritu de amistad, amor y comunidad, nos tu deseamos un muy muy feliz Día de Muertos! Que tu familia viajar bien y tu ofrenda brilla!

Mucho amor,
Friday y el #TeaSquad

Hello, neighbors!

We've been keeping...

Big Move for Friday Afternoon Tea July 14 2018 1 Comment

Hello, friends!

For the past several months I have been secretly (Well, not so secretly. I'm terrible at keeping my own secrets.) working on a huge project. Very happy to announce the great news that we have split-branded! This sub-brand means moving our medicinal teas to a new line: New Apothecary. This will serve to focus our main line (Friday Afternoon) on our unusual single origin and fandom...

5 Ridiculously Tasty Summer Sips July 05 2018

Here in Seattle, we just hit full-on summer. June-uary is over and we are facing days hovering around 80°F for the next few months. Seattlites are renowned whiners when it comes to weather over 70° (Don't make that face, Lauren. You know it's true.), so we've got you covered with some fantastic summer bevvie ideas.

#1: Shaken Iced Tea
Really want to elevate your iced tea game? It's as simple as...

What exactly IS caffeine? June 23 2018

We love our caffeine. In the US alone, we consume upward of 970 tons of caffeine annually. Caffeine is just a fact in our day-to-day. Sodas, coffee, tea, even caffeinated soap is now a thing. Ok, so we love the stuff. But what exactly is it?

Caffeine Molecule
In layman's terms, caffeine is a psychoactive drug, classified as a stimulant which effects the central nervous system. When ingested, it...

BTB: Bioluminescence June 22 2018 1 Comment

On today's episode of Behind the Blend, I'm going to take you through the synesthetic taste experience of one of our prettiest blends: Bioluminescence.

Those of you that are familiar with my blending process already know, but for the folks just joining us, let me tell you a little bit about my work. I have a rare neurological oddity known as Lexical-Gustatory Synesthesia. Now, synesthesia itself is...