What we're about: a guide for new & old friends April 04 2018

In the wake of the recent Adagio Teas scandal, we've received hundreds of new followers and customers over the last two days. Our email is blowing up and I can barely keep up with social media conversations! This is a great problem to have, though I do hope you'll all bear with me if order processing and email response are a hair slower than usual.

This seems like an ideal time for an introduction to our new friends and a reintroduction to our longtime friends. So hi, nice to meet you!

Founder/CEO, Friday Elliott
I'm Friday, and this is my tea shop. I launched Friday Afternoon in October of 2010 after half a decade of obsessive and passionate tea and business studies. I was raised by huge nerds and hippies (hence the combination of medicinal ingredients and geek themes). When I first started developing blends, I realized pretty quickly that there was high demand for fun themed tea blends, and that tabletop gamers were beginning an exciting transition from unhealthy energy drinks and sodas to high quality loose-leaf tea. My lexical-gustatory synesthesia allows for a totally unique take on flavor profiles, so we gained almost immediate recognition in the tea-loving nerd community for teas unlike other companies. Me? I'm just happy to do my Hufflepuff thing. My love of tea and vast array of fandoms coincide well with my primary motivating factor: providing a sense of care, comfort, fun and safety to everyone I meet.

Our product is all ethically sourced from great farms around the world and our shop is designed to be a haven for whoever needs us. As a queer single mother with a non-binary tween, I know what it is to desperately need some comfort and stability in this world. So many of you are similarly in emotional need, and I have the great privilege to be able to offer some love in my small, delicious way. That's what we're about here.

TeaChild giggles <3
On our event calendar you will find all sorts of fun happenings, from live music to nerd POC gatherings to game nights, open mics and craft groups. If you have interest in hosting your event with us, please email! We're always open to new community-building opportunities in our space.

Welcome to Friday Afternoon Tea!