Trouble in Paradise February 01 2018

A little over a year ago, we ran a super successful Kickstarter campaign to open up our nerdy tea shop in Wallingford, Seattle. Everything went great and we have indeed opened a fantastic spot that is rapidly becoming a favorite source of tea and community in the neighborhood. Our revenues are right on track with projections and things look sunny for our future.


Due to a series of unfortunate events, the most damaging of which was a six-month wait to get our permits, we have been drained of our operating safety net before we even had a chance to get the doors open. We had to pay rent on an empty space for nearly half a year longer than anticipated and our landlords were unable to negotiate with us on those payments. There goes well over $10k.

A break-in during our first operating week meant the loss of operating equipment and funds.

Our payment plan with our contractors has been abruptly shortened, meaning we suddenly find ourselves with around $13k in immediate debt and a shoestring operating budget. If we can get the remaining contractor debt settled and avoid being dragged into court or forced to declare bankruptcy, our upward progress can continue and we can keep bringing you all the tasty, ethically sourced teas you enjoy in a cozy community setting.

Please spread the word, friends. Shop our online store. Come to our gatherings. Contribute as you are able to our GoFundMe. Between tea sales, event attendance and donations from the community, I'm sure we can turn this rough start around!

Thank you and much love,