Shop Update February 07 2018

First of all, a HUUUUGE thank you to all our friends who have contributed to our GoFundMe and bought truly obscene quantities of bulk tea on our site. Thanks to you all, we've made a lot of progress toward resolving our construction debt crisis. We managed to negotiate a couple extra weeks of time with the contractors, so our new immediate debt deadline is February 23rd. We're now only short by about $7k and I would like to encourage you all to spread the love to your friends and family. The big wave of orders on our website has been a fun kind of mad dash to fulfill orders. Adrenaline City, keeping on top of them all! We are currently completely caught up on orders and ready to pack and ship more.

Now is an ideal time to pick up tea for your special someone! We just put together a darling little Valentine's Day gift box, which you can pick up in-store or online. It features all three of our seasonal romantic teas and six super tasty Lindt truffles!

Sweetie's Gift Box

We also have a number of exciting new events on the calendar this month! Be sure to sign up on our Facebook or on Meetup for new awesome classes Mini-Comics Workshop with Larry Lewis and Valentine's Mocktail/Cocktail Workshop happening in our shop over the next week.

Lastly, this Friday night's open gaming night will be cancelled and we will be closing early at 5:30pm to go see TeaChild's middle school performance of Hamilton. Hooray for the adventurous and brave kids putting on this show!

I hope you all have a wonderful week, continue to spread the TeaSquad love and that we see you at one of our fabulous events this week!