Recipe: Creamy Chai-tini February 25 2020

March in Seattle heralds the last gasp of winter. While I'm as eager as the next Californian transplant to return to the sunshine and flowers of spring, I'm not above finding an excuse to enjoy decadent, spicy, rich, silky winter flavors. For a super quick and easy "treat yo'self" moment, check out this creamy chai-tini. Tea and booze lovers delight!

Note: If alcohol isn't your thing, replace the vodka/rum with a strong-brewed gingery light tea (like our Warrior Princess or Bard's Blend), just be sure not to pick something with a high citrus content or your creamy cocktail will curdle.

Creamy Chai-tini (makes one)
2 oz. Ginger vodka (or spiced rum, if you prefer)
1 oz. Heavy cream (or almond milk, hemp milk, etc.)
1 oz. Strong-brewed Masala Chai
1/4 tsp Ground cinnamon 

Throw all ingredients into a pint glass full of ice. Stir until the mix is well-chilled and strain into a chilled martini glass. Short and sweet, just like this week's post. Happy sipping!