Wonderful news, friends! December 08 2015

You may have all noticed some positive changes on our social media lately. More frequent postings, better use of tags, gorgeous photography? It is my delight and total pleasure to introduce you to the man responsible for making us look good:

Say hello to Erik Petersen. You may have seen him classing up our booth at assorted events, or perhaps haunting your local coffee shop or attractive tree-lined boulevard. This wonderful human and all-around fancyman has been my dear friend and confidante for many many years. I'm so excited to share with you all the good news that Erik has agreed (after about two seconds of arm-twisting) to come aboard as the new co-owner of Friday Afternoon!

In addition to a saner, more rested Friday, you'll be seeing much improvement to our overall aesthetic thanks to Erik's background in fine arts and deep appreciation for all things related to tea history and culture. I know you'll enjoy everything this dapper gentleman has to contribute to our tea family!

Happy Sipping,