We survived March! April 03 2013

Hello hello, friends, fans and family! March was the craziest of months for us, but mostly in really great ways. Here's the breakdown:

Consonance (March 1st-3rd)
I started out the month in sunny San Jose, California, selling tea to a bunch of filkers at Consonance. It was a pretty good show for sales, and an awesome show for meeting wonderful new friends. It was lovely to be back in my home state, but the travel costs ended up being more than the profits, making it the only show on which I have ever actually lost money. Whoops. Will I go back next year? Definitely, but only if I can figure out how to make financial sense of it.

Cooking Class (March 7th)
Taught a class on tamales at Cook's World. I really enjoy teaching these classes, they're so much fun! Three hours of hands on learning with a small class. We do tamales, salsa, chili sauce, and a ridiculously awesome cabbage slaw with pineapple, habañero, serrano, and jalapeño. It's always such a blast, plus I usually end up taking home a dozen or more tamales. Yum.

Faerie Steampunk Tea Party (March 9th)
Can I just say: I love my job. I LOVE that I get to cater events like this. This was up at Otherworlds in Edmonds. Brynn runs the coolest little shop and lets me do awesome events there. This was the first event I've worked at Otherworlds, and I can't wait to do more! Check it out:

Ignore the doofus look on my face, focus instead on the creepy creature in the teacup. Tinplate Studios makes these adorable creepy things and we LOVE them.

I make fruit look gorgeous. Just sayin'.

The lovely Brynn enjoying crumpets with Devonshire cream and jam. Yum!

Birthday Party (March 16th)
A really lovely friend had a big ol' birthday party and asked me to cater. Yay! I did cucumber sandwiches, salmon cream cheese sandwiches, crumpets with Devonshire cream and jam, fruit, and cookies, including gluten-free options. It was super fun and everyone was full of tasty food and teas.

Gamestorm (March 22nd)
Holy WOW, gamers apparently love tea. Gamestorm is a massive gaming event down in Vancouver, WA. I'd never attended before, and was totally shocked and overwhelmed by the amazing response! I had a record-breaking sales weekend, almost sold entirely out of product, brought home a few new games, and met some wonderful new friends. So awesome! I'll definitely be back next year.

Sakura-Con (March 29th-31rd)
The biggest event of my career thus far. We're talking MASSIVE. Sakura-Con has somewhere upward of 16,000 attendees, and I think most of them stopped by my booth to taste my teas. I got over sixty contacts to sign up for a mailing list, and again pretty much entirely sold out of product. By the end of the first day I already had a web order from someone who hadn't been able to buy the tea they wanted at the booth. Second record-breaking weekend in a row! Awesome!

So yeah, it's been a month. I now have practically no inventory, no packaging, and orders coming in from the site. Business is exploding, which is hugely awesome and exciting, but totally scary too.

Stay tuned, there are a lot of new things developing with us!