Really good iced tea is not as difficult as you think. April 29 2013

Ok you guys, it's totally iced tea season! 

First of all, I would like to state that we have a rockin' deal on our iced tea pack over on the website. Everything you need to brew a TON of delicious iced tea for only $25. Score! Included in the pack is a sheet of my instructions for perfect iced tea, so you can be sure it will be super delicious every time. All your friends will be very impressed with your ridiculously tasty iced tea.

Don't you want to be drinking this right now?
Secondly, I would like to assert that making really phenomenal iced tea with loose leaf is so easy you will feel silly for being nervous about it all these years. A-like so:

Step one: Fill two T-Sac (or other bags, or filters, or whatever you use for loose leaf) with 1 tablespoon each of delicious, magical loose leaf tea. Place one bag each in two big ol' teapots (6-8 cup capacity).

Step two: Fill your kettle with 1/2 gallon (preferably filtered) cold water. 

Step three: Boil that water! (for white/green tea, lightly and gently bring that water to a bare simmer!)

Step four: Pour that water over your tea in the teapots!

Step five: Steep that tea maybe a little stronger than you normally would!

Step six: Pour that tea over ice in a big ol' pitcher!

Step seven: Drink that iced tea!

Easy! Now obviously, this is a jumping-off point. If you like your tea stronger, use more leaf. If you don't have two mondo teapots, use whatever vessels you have around! If you have questions, email Friday and ask! You officially no longer have any excuse to be drinking sub par iced tea.

On another note!

Hey, it is almost Mother's Day! Maybe your momma would enjoy this gorgeous gift basket! It includes 2 ounces each of any two teas of your choice, as well as an endangered species mesh ball infuser and a lovely green teacup with saucer. Regularly $32, but you can use the coupon code "MamasDay" for 20% off!
Just like this, but wrapped in pretty cellophane and with a personalized gift tag!